Important Questions to Ask Your Implant Dentist

When searching for an implant dentist to work on your teeth, you will want to make sure that you find the most qualified individual possible. After all, this person will be giving you new teeth, which you should have for the foreseeable future. You should keep in mind, however, that some dentists may perform these procedures without the proper training. This is completely legal because the dentist will have taken a few basic courses on some weekends, which leads to certification, but it does not make this practice safe for the patient. Before trusting someone to work on your teeth in this manner, make sure that you ask the following questions.

In What Area Do You Specialize?
The first thing that you should find out is if this individual is a full time implant dentist or if he or she practices general dentistry as well. While practicing general dentistry should not automatically disqualify the dentist from working on your teeth, it does mean that you will have to dig a little further to figure out his or her qualifications. Oral surgeons and periodontists have formal training in implantation and should be your first choice when seeking someone to handle your procedure.

How Much Training Do You Have?
Next, you will want to ask the dentist how much implant dentistry training he or she has completed. Learn about the specific courses that he or she has taken and the location where this training took place. The reasoning behind this is to ensure that the dentist did not learn about these procedures at an online university and is now doing them in real life without any hands-on training. Once again, this is your oral health at stake, so always make sure that the person who will by handling your surgery is qualified.

How Many Times Have You Done This Procedure?
If the dentist does this procedure on a regular basis and has not run into any complications, it is much easier to trust him or her. Ask about how many of these procedures have been done in the past month or year, as this shows how much recent experience this individual has. If no one else in town trusts a particular dentist with implant surgery, it is a good sign that you shouldn’t either.

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