How to Get Out a DUI Charge with DUI Attorneys in Long Beach

Driving under the influence is a crime that can be avoided and not a good charge to have on your record. This charge shows the individual as being irresponsible. DUI Attorneys in Long Beach understand that the penalties are harsh for a DUI. Example penalties are license suspension, ignition interlock and jail time. It helps to get legal representation from The Law Offices of Rondee J. Eagle to avoid jail time.

When you attend your first court date, you want to plead not guilty. Another court date will be given for the pretrial hearing. At the hearing, you will meet with your attorney and receive the plea agreement. If the plea agreement drops the charge to a lesser offense like reckless driving, then you should take the deal to get out of the DUI.

If the prosecutor does not reduce the charges, then your lawyer will try to negotiate lower charges. When you are bought up on charges, the next step is a trial date. Your attorney can use the time in between court dates to negotiate reduced charges with the prosecutor. It is important to use common sense when deciding to take the plea deal. If you cause any damage to another person or property or had an alcohol blood level higher than 0.08, then a plea might be the best option.

A toxicology and police report can help with getting a case dismissed. You want to visit the arresting police state and pay a fee for the information. It is important to look over the report to find out the reason why you were pulled over. If the officer did not have probable cause, then your lawyer can ask the judge to dismiss the charges.

It is a good idea to check the toxicology report to find out what method the office used to get your blood alcohol level. There is the possibility of contamination if he did not take the proper steps. You can discuss contamination theories with your lawyer about possibly using this defense to help with reducing charges. A lawyer has experience with practicing in this area and can help with clearing your record.