How to Care for Wood Shutters in Maui

Wooden Shutters in Maui are an attractive way to cover windows in homes, offices, and other structures. These windows coverings consist of stiles and rails that hold louvers or another mounted item. This allows a homeowner to control the amount of light entering his own in addition to protecting his privacy. The following guidelines can be used for the general care of these shutters.

When shutters are attached to the interior of a window opening, it’s important to read user instructions. Become familiar with the parts of a shutter so you can properly understand the directions. Some basics components of a shutter include the staples, stiles, rails, and tilt rod. Care should be taken when opening or shutting the louvers as they are delicate. If there is a defect on any part of a shutter, it should be returned to the manufacturer or store it was purchased from.

To dust Wooden Shutters in Maui, use a duster or hand towel that is damp. You can dampen it with water or a window cleaner. When there is grime or a build-up of heavy dust, lightly spray individual louvers with a glass cleaner. Leave it on for a few seconds. Go over this area with a hand towel or sponge. The hand towel or sponge should be damp to activate the glass cleaner. It’s important to remove excess glass cleaner. With another hand towel or sponge, remove the extra cleaner. Wet the sponge or hand towel and wring out excess water. This will allow you to get up all the cleaner without getting other louvers wet. When doing this, it’s important to care for the shutters. They are delicate and can break with even minimal force. Handle them like you would other window coverings in your home, office, or other structure.

When you want to add appeal and protect your home’s privacy, try shutters. These are a smart and practical way to cover your windows in your home.

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