How to Bulk Up for Summer

by | Aug 5, 2014 | Healthcare

Summer is the time of year where the muscles come out to play. From topless men parading the beach with gargantuan pecks and biceps, to women showing off their chiseled abs in their crop tops. When the sun comes out, all forms of people, no matter their occupation or social standing, flock to the parks and beaches in order to showcase their hard work. Even though we are now into summer, there is still time, so if you haven’t yet started on your beach body do not worry, help is just around the corner. It doesn’t matter if you have body weight workout equipment or your planning to go to the gym, here’s a few things that you should take into consideration when planning your new workout:

Step 1: Be Realistic

This is by far the most important step, knowing and accepting your limits. Do not try to lift 100 lbs when you haven’t even used body weight workout equipment before. You also shouldn’t go on a 10 mile jog when you haven’t tried running around the block yet. Knowing what you can do is one of the keys to success.

Step 2: Have a Target

When beginning a new routine you need to know what you’re aiming for, whether it’s putting on weight as muscle or being able to run that 10 minutes longer than when you began, set this goal in your mind and don’t feel satisfied until you achieved it.

Step 3: Determination

Now that the summer has begun, unless you’re planning to go somewhere hot for winter, you ideally want to get that fit body as soon as possible. This, however, will take pure determination. Working out isn’t easy, early starts and intense training sessions can sometimes be the last thing you want. Be disciplined with yourself and determined to get your results.

Step 4: Know Your Equipment

If you are going to create the best training program for you, you’ll need to know what exercise to do or which equipment to use. If you’re working on your pecks and biceps then body weight workout equipment, like ropes and a bench-press is right for you. If you’re going for the athletic, slim look, then running and swimming is more up your street. If you are not sure, local gyms normally have free consultations. Talk to them, talk to your doctor and get yourself set up for success this summer.

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