How Can the Prosthodontist in Phoenix AZ Restore Your Smile?

Restoring smiles is the number one goal for the Prosthodontist Phoenix AZ. This type of dentist works to restore smiles through different types of dental procedures. This can help people who have deformed teeth, jaw problems, missing teeth and much more. One of the most impressive ways a smile can be restored is through dental implants. These implants permanently replace missing teeth in your mouth. It does not matter if you are only missing one tooth or have no teeth at all, this procedure can give you back your smile and allow you to be able to eat properly and feel confident in your appearance.

How Can the Prosthodontist Phoenix AZ Replace Your Teeth with Implants?

Dental implants consist of two parts and are done in two different procedures. The first part of the procedure is the most invasive and important. This is where the Prosthodontist Phoenix AZ implants the metal anchors into your jawbone. You will need to be placed under anesthesia so the Prosthodontist can easily work on your mouth without you experiencing any pain. This also helps to lower your pain levels just after the procedure.

To place the implants in your mouth, an incision will need to be made for each implant. The metal anchor that will hold your artificial tooth in place will be secured down in your jawbone. This will help to ensure the anchor becomes a permanent part of your bone, as it will be acting as your tooth root for your new teeth. Once your incisions are sutured, you will be sent home so you can heal. The healing process will take around three to four weeks and then you will be ready for the next phase of the process.

Once you come in to receive your teeth, they will simply be screwed onto each anchor and your smile will finally be restored. You will only need to make sure you care for your new teeth, so you can avoid damaging them.

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