Honest and Reliable Gold Buyers in Los Angeles

Many of us have old jewelry laying around that we no longer wear. What you may not know is how much extra money you could have in your pocket! When looking for silver, jewelry and Gold Buyers in Los Angeles, the Pico Union Pawn Shop will buy your jewelry at the highest value you can get.

Having extra money can enable you to do things you haven’t been able to, and what a better way than to get rid of something you are no longer using anyways? For more than forty years Pico has been helping people get the extra cash in their pocket that they need, and when they need it. You bring your jewelry in, and you can walk out with cash the same day. You can get the best service that is honest and reliable in the Los Angeles area. Even if you need some extra cash but do not want to get rid of your jewelry for good, you can get a confidential collateral loan. There is no credit checks and all you will need to do is bring in your item and sign the loan documents. Within a few minutes you can have the cash you need to handle whatever it may be that life has thrown your way. The pawn shop will buy your items, or give you a loan on them, in addition to selling many great goods as well. Some of the things you can find for sale are electronics, watches, collectibles, musical instruments and many other valuables. In order to make your shopping experience more convenient there is a website that displays all of the featured items in the store. There is also an eBay store for your convenience.

People experience all types of emergencies and at all times of the day, this is why a pawn shop is often open 24 hours a day. You can come in any time and get the cash you need when you need it. A pawn shop is an excellent choice when you need to buy something or get quick cash. Contact the pawn shop for any information and help with selling your goods.

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