Homes for Sale in Houston TX are sought after Properties in The Great Uptown Neighborhood

Homes for sale in Houston TX represent a variety of desirable neighborhoods. Therefore, you will find that open houses are regularly held throughout the area. This kind of social interaction gives you a chance to become better acquainted with a community. However, before you visit an open house, you need to take some time to research a neighborhood online.

Great Uptown Dining

Among homes for sale in Houston, TX, the Great Uptown neighborhood is sought after for its recreational, scholastic, and shopping amenities. Home owners work in professional jobs, and have about four to five people living in their household. People like to dine out in this part of Houston too. Statistics show that the neighborhood is home to a large variety of restaurants. In fact, restaurants cover a full range of tastes, including such specialties as:

1. Pan Asian

2. Hawaiian

3. Fondue

4. Hot Dogs

5. Low Cab

6. Pizza

7. Japanese

Naturally, the small list above is just a sampling. Basically, if you are looking for homes for sale in Houston TX and like to dine out, Great Uptown is a consideration.

Great Uptown Demographics

Obviously, you are not going to choose a neighborhood based on its restaurants alone. You still need to look at a neighborhood in terms of its scholastic opportunities, conveniences, parks, commute time, jobs and transportation. Also, what is the primary demographic? In Great Uptown, most households are comprised of small families with the head of household between the ages of 45 and 64 years old. Women outnumber the men in this part of Houston too.

You also have a strong demographic of people aged 25 to 44 years old. About 80% of the residents are Caucasian and speak English while approximately 17% of the residents are of Hispanic descent.

Real Estate Listing Time

Among the listed homes for sale in Houston TX, most homes, on average, sell after about 10 weeks. In Great Uptown, the average time for a home to stay on the market is around 9 weeks. The median sale price for this part of Houston is a little over $500,000. When you consider that the median price for homes for sale in Houston TX is about $440,000, the Great Uptown price is significant.

A Large Listing Market

At any one time, homes for sale in Houston TX may number around 9,000. Real estate generally consists of new homes and resale properties. That number does not include the approximately 3,000+ properties that may be on the auction block, in pre-foreclosure or in the bank-owned stage of the foreclosure process. Apparently, you have a lot to consider when you are looking at the Houston real estate market. However, to narrow down your choices, think location, location and location first.

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