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Wherever you look in the media – videos, television, movies and magazines, you see that perfect alignment of teeth, that Hollywood smile. Whether through your genetics, an accident or lifestyle, you may not have teeth that measure up to this American ideal. While life may not have given you them, you can always turn to a Hollywood dentist to obtain them. He or she through cosmetic dentistry can help you reach your ultimate smile goal.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to the various means a cosmetic dentist will use to help you turn your current smile into the smile of your choice. It may involve any of a number of means. The Hollywood dentist combines his or her skill with the latest dental technology to create the perfect smile. This may involve a simple enhancement or turn into major reconstruction surgery. The methods may be non-invasive or require more elaborate techniques and treatment.

Common Treatments Used by a Hollywood Dentist

A Hollywood dentist is determined to restore, repair or replace your teeth to create the desired goal. He or she can take a mouth that possesses teeth that resemble an uneven, splintered and unpainted picket fence and work with it. A Hollywood dentist can deal with gaps, discoloration, stained and even broken teeth by turning to one or more of the following common methods:

* Bleaching or Teeth Whitening: The application of whitening gel/paste either at home in a tray or in office, will work to remove discoloration and whiten teeth.

* Bonding: If your teeth are cracked, chipped or slightly discolored, the dentist may decide to utilize bonding. He or she applies clear adhesive material over the affected tooth. The dentist then shapes and polishes until the bonding fits in with the other teeth.

* Braces, including Invisalign: Braces help adults and youths straighten and/or realign teeth.

* Bridges: The purpose of this is to actually “bridge” a gap between missing teeth. It can be removable or permanent.

* Crowns or Caps: The cap can repair and support a damaged tooth. It may also be employed to prevent damage from occurring.

* Gum Contouring: A Hollywood dentist can reshape the gum line. This will help create or restore the appearance of the mouth and, therefore, the smile.

* Implants: If you lose a tooth, an implant can help replace it permanently.

* Inlays and Onlays: A Hollywood dentist adheres these in order to repair or restore teeth that have been cracked, chipped or damaged.

* Veneers: Veneers are similar they bonding. They conceal flaws. Thin porcelain strips are attached to the affected teeth to hide chips, discoloring cracks and gaps.

If you want that Hollywood smile, your best bet may be a Hollywood dentist. Cosmetic dentistry can go a very long way to creating for you that celebrity smile. Today, thanks to technology, a Hollywood dentist can accomplish this easily, efficiently and even in many instances non-invasively.

If you want a Hollywood smile, consider a Hollywood Dentist. At the Beverly Hills Institute of Esthetic & Reconstructive Dentistry, our staff will work with you to help you achieve this goal. To learn more about our professional, friendly staff and our impeccable services, visit us online at Cosmetic-dentistry.com.

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