Hiring A Criminal Attorney In Nassau County, New York

People feel desperate and alone when they are accused of a crime. They may be innocent and don’t know how to prove it. It is comforting to have family around, but the accused needs a criminal attorney. If the defendant is charged with a serious crime, they may meet their attorney in jail. The attorney will have to petition the court for a bond hearing if one is not set. The attorney must talk with the client before the hearing.

At the bond hearing, the Criminal Attorney in Nassau County, NY, explains the defendant’s side of the case. Often, the defendant must get out of jail to save a job and support his or her family. Unless the charge is felony murder, the Judge usually sets a bond. The attorney’s main job is to provide the best possible representation against the charges. Attorneys usually have a team, including investigators, to help them prepare for hearings and trials. Investigators help track down witnesses and interview them to get the facts of the case.

In most criminal cases, there are several motions that must be drafted and prepared for filing with the court. The motions include:

* motions to strike prior convictions

* motions to suppress evidence

* motions to sever (if the defendant has a co-defendant)

* motions to change venue

Gregory. R. LaMarca P.C is a Criminal Attorney in Nassau County, NY. LaMarca spent several years working for the District Attorney’s Office. He represents clients accused of various crimes, including homicide, kidnapping, sexual assault and robbery. LaMarca and other criminal attorneys spend hours working on exhibits and trial notebooks for the upcoming trial. Additionally, the lawyer researches the case to find case law or statutes that strengthen the defense strategy. Frequently, the prosecutor will offer a plea deal through the attorney. The attorney discusses the plea deal with the client and advises whether or not the plea is in their best interest. It is unethical for attorneys to guarantee the outcome of a case. These professionals give thoughtful advice based on the facts of the case. Always be honest with the attorney because knowing the truth is critical to the defense.

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