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by | Mar 25, 2014 | Plumbers and Plumbing

One of the most distressful situations a homeowner can face is having a leak in the plumbing in their home after normal business hours. Having water pouring into ones home can be damaging not only to the structure of the house but the things inside it. Because of this, it is important for a homeowner to contact a company who handles plumbing in Plainville as soon as possible. In addition, the homeowner should take some steps on their own to help limit the damage done in the home until a plumber can arrive to fix the problem.

Most homeowners will know how to turn off the water valves in the house, which are near the area where the water is coming from. These valves are generally located under faucets or behind toilets in the home. Sometimes by shutting these valves, it will stop the water from continuing to pour out of the pipes.

If the shut off valves in the home do not accomplish this, the homeowner may need to turn all the water to the home off. This is handled at the main water valve. This valve is often found near the water meter. It may be behind the home, on the side, in the garage or even near the street. Water valves can have knobs similar to a sprinkler. Some may require a wrench or a special tool to turn them on or off. Homeowners should become familiar with the type of shut off valve at their home. If they are unable to shut the water off and the plumber will not be along soon, they may need to call the local water company who supplies the water to the home. They generally have emergency crews who can come out quickly to stop the flow of water.

Once the water is off, it is generally best to wait for the technician from the company who handles repairs to plumbing in Plainville to arrive to fix the leak. Most companies like, Instant Response Plumbing and Heating, Inc. will do their best to get to the home and correct the problem with the leaky pipes as quickly as possible. This is generally the best way for a homeowner to solve this type of problem.

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