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Criminal attorneys contend with many cases after a person is arrested. An ongoing criminal investigation, pending, current, or past criminal charges a person may have, pretrial sentencing, court appeals when a person is in prison, and post-trial situations of an individual are among some of the most pressing issues that a criminal defense lawyer faces.

A Lawyer Pasadena has a thorough knowledge about the US Constitution. They are also knowledgeable about the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Constitutional Amendments. The Fourth Amendment averts against unlawful/illegal investigations and apprehensions of a person. The Fifth and Sixth Amendments allow a person to remain silent, so he or she won’t become a witness against themselves.

If there are no constitutional breaches, a Pasadena Lawyer will primarily focus on the preparation of a defense case for the accused person. A criminal defense lawyer will commonly negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecuting attorney, in an effort to negotiate an amicable deal for the defendant. This strategy is utilized as a substitute for exercising the defendant’s trial rights. These attorneys will often reach plea agreements of a lesser charge, so the defendant will have a lighter sentence and conviction.

Lastly, there are five applications for the practicing criminal law which are punishments, retribution, deterrence, incapacitating, rehabilitation, and restoration.


1) Retribution means that criminals should be punished in one way or another no matter what their crime may be.

2) Deterrence refers to a restraint being carried out against the offender.

3) Incapacitating means society thinks the criminal should be kept away locked away so they don’t have to be dealt with.

4) Rehabilitation refers to the criminal going through a retraining program to be able to be a productive member of society when released from prison.

5) Restoration means it’s mainly demanded by the victim. Two examples of this are: a) If something is stolen, then it should be paid back in full. b) If a person murders another, then they should have to pay for it with their own life.

All of your questions can be answered by scheduling an appointment for a free consultation. This appointment will be with a highly skilled and experienced attorney.

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