What Happens When You See Your Dentist With a Toothache?

When a toothache strikes, it can cause severe pain that is often very difficult to stop. Tooth pain can be caused by different reasons and should never be ignored. Though most people experience minor tooth pain from time to time, with no reason, ongoing tooth pain is always a sign there is a problem in either the teeth or gums. To find the source of your tooth pain, it is important to make sure you make an appointment with the dentist on Long Island as soon as possible.

When you first go in for your appointment with the dentist, you will be examined. The examination process is important because it will allow the dentist to check your teeth for cavities. Using a special tool, the dentist will check for softness in the tooth. If softness is detected, this can signal there is decay. The dentist will also check the gums for any signs of infection. Since both cavities and infection can cause pain in the teeth, the dentist will want to test for both issues until the problem has been found.

Once you have been examined, the dentist will take some X-rays of your teeth and gums. These will reveal if there are any hidden issues deep within the tooth root or gums. This will also inform the dentist how bad the damage is and what type of treatments may be needed. Once the problem has been found, the dentist can discuss your different treatment options with you so the condition can be brought under control and the pain stopped.

If you have a cavity causing the pain, the dentist will normally fill the tooth and may carry out a root canal procedure if there is severe decay down in the roots. This procedure removes the diseased tissue and the nerve so there is no more pain. If a filling or root canal is not an option because the cavity is so severe, tooth extraction may be needed. If any signs of infection are noticed, the dentist will use antibiotic therapy to treat it.

If you are experiencing any type of ongoing tooth pain, you need to seek treatment from your Dentist on Long Island. Contact ultimate dentistry today and make an appointment so you can find relief.

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