Gum Disease Ontario

When suffering from gum disease, Ontario residents know how important it is to find a dentist that is skilled not only in treating the disease itself, but also in performing procedures that will address the unappealing aesthetic of a mouth that is suffering from such disease. Taking care of your oral health is an absolutely critical element of protecting the health and well-being of the rest of your body. This is because disease and infection that are present in the mouth can easily move to the rest of the body, leading to further infections and disease. Some of the most common problems associated with poor oral health include:

* Kidney problems

* Liver problems

* Heart disease

* Digestive issues

* Blood infections

* one loss

The first step in treating this oral health concern and putting you on the path to a healthier and more beautiful smile is a careful evaluation and consultation. In order to effectively treat gum disease Ontario dentists must be able to thoroughly and effectively evaluate the disease so that the course of treatment can be decided and implemented in the best way possible. This evaluation will involve the dentist carefully examining your gums as well as your teeth to take note of all types of decay, infection and disease that may be present. It is important to realize that there are many different kinds of oral health concerns and it is possible to be suffering from more than one problem at a time. Your dentist will need to understand everything that is in play so that he will be able to create a treatment plan that properly addresses each of the concerns in the appropriate order.

Non-surgical methods of

treating gum disease, Ontario dentists will tell you, are highly preferable to those that require extensive and invasive procedures. One method that will likely be tried first is referred to as scaling. This method involves gently separating the gum line from the teeth and using a special device known as a curette to remove the plaque and bacteria that has collected in this area. Following this procedure up with dedicated oral hygiene will help your gums to heal so that they can completely reattach to your teeth.

If this form of treatment comes too late and the disease has progressed to a point at which the bone has been affected, bone grafts may be necessary. This type of treatment involves actually growing new bone on which the gums can develop healthily.

In his years of practicing, Dr. Mardirossian has earned a respected name for himself. From being a part of various professional organizations and associations to earning accolades and a prestigious position teaching, Dr. Mardirossian has made his name at the top of his field. Using state of the art techniques and dedicated personalized attention, he ensures that each of his patients receives the care that he needs to support his continued oral health throughout his life.

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