Give Your Sponsors an Incentive With a Android Conference App

There are some tasks that are more difficult than others when you are planning a conference. One of the hardest jobs for the vast majority of conference planning committees is trying to get sponsors. This is because sponsors often see very little advertising at the conference other than a few signs and perhaps a mention on the conference sessions list. The way to excite sponsors to support your event has to include making their brand and their contribution more visible. One of the easiest and the most visible ways to do this is with a customized Android conference app.

What’s an Android Conference App?

An Conbop Android conference app is cutting edge technology that allows you to combine the old style of brochures, agendas, speaker lists and speaker handouts with a full package of social media and social networking options. To add to this it is all available on one app that is uniquely designed, branded and customized for your conference.

While there is an Android conference app, you can also generate a similar iPad and iPhone conference app that works with the Apple operating system. That way all users of smartphones, tablets, iPads and laptops at the conference have full access to all the information they need about your conference right on their device.

What’s in it for Sponsors?

Just like you normally have different levels of sponsors, you can have these levels on your Android conference app as well. A great option is to have all sponsor logos displayed as banners that revolve throughout the mobile event app. This would mean all sponsors were included on the app and get an extra level of visibility at the event. Another option would be to sell the mobile app sponsorship and allow for one top level sponsor to be displayed throughout the mobile event app.

Because the app is accessed by hundreds or thousands several times a day, it is a huge advantage for increasing sponsor’s visibility. With this type of constant attention to their brand and company sponsors will see the immediate benefit.

An idea to get sponsors on board is to present them a mock-up of how their sponsor banner will look on an Android conference app to give them a real look at the type and level of advertising that you can provide.

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