Getting Your Storage Unit In Titusville Securely Packed With Your Belongings

When it’s time to pack items inside a storage unit, there are a few tips that you can use to ensure that all of the containers are stacked in a way so that they don’t fall over. You want to make sure the unit you use is large enough for the items that you have so that boxes, furniture, and other containers aren’t placed too close together. One of the overall tips for packing storage units is to stay as organized as possible from the time you pack containers to the time you shut the door to the unit.

Box Size

Avoid using boxes of a lot of different sizes. This can make it difficult to know how to arrange them in the unit. Don’t overpack large boxes as they will likely be difficult to move and can sometimes topple over if they aren’t placed correctly. Make sure all boxes are supported on the bottom and that they are all taped so that they are secure.


Consider putting pallets on the floor of any storage units that you use. These can keep containers off of the direct floor and can sometimes keep bugs and moisture from getting to cardboard boxes and the items that you have inside. You can place moving mats on the floor as well. These can be used to move heavy items and furniture when you’re ready to get everything out of the unit.


If you have a lot of small containers or items to store, then consider getting a shelf display that can hold them so that they aren’t on the floor or lost in boxes. You can also use shelves as a way to keep items that you want readily available close to the door instead of digging through containers when you need to find only a few certain belongings.

Learn more about packing and organizing your storage unit. You can also contact SecureSpace Self Storage Titusville directly for more information.

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