Getting the Right Piece of Jewelry in Tarryton, NY

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Jewelery

For many, the act of buying Jewelry in Tarrytown, NY is the result of a long search for the right piece. Jewelry is an intimate item in that the item is in line with the person who is buying it, or is being bought for. Therefore, going to a jeweler who knows his stones, settings and designs is of the utmost importance.

Buying an engagement ring isn’t always an impulse buy. The goal is to have the right piece that speaks volumes for the person who is giving the jewelry to another. When it comes to a man buying an engagement ring for a woman, it’s very important to be able to buy something that’s a) within the budget and b) is ultimate expression of love at the same time. It takes a lot of courage to ask someone to marry. Being able to present a thoroughly thought out gift can seal the deal and get the desired response from the intended. Getting help from an experienced jeweler can make the difference between buying something that barely makes the grade and a ring to knock all others out of the park.

A buyer needs to understand what they are getting when buying jewelry in Tarrytown NY, and for good reason. Diamonds come in many different grades that can make all of the difference between just OK and knocking someones socks off. Modern technology can clean up a diamond and increase its clarity while tricking the unknowing buyer into getting something they are not. It’s important to buy from a reputable jeweler, such as Michael Matthews Jewelers, and get an education on what it is they are about to put money into.

The jeweler’s job is one of helping a buyer get the right ring at the right price point while engaging in ethical sales. That is, not misrepresenting the stone as being something better than it really is. A good diamond always comes with a certificate of quality, something that the jeweler explains to the buyer. In the event that a stone looks good to the naked eye, but has an invisible flaw, the jeweler can disclose that and leave the decision to purchase up to the buyer to make.

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