Getting Divorced? Hire a Divorce Attorney in Jefferson County, MO

When spouses decide to end their marriage, it involves every aspect of their lives. Divorce is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in the United States. Therefore it’s very important that both partners hire a Divorce Attorney in Jefferson County, MO that will look after their individual interests. While parents want to do the best thing for their children, that should not include jeopardizing their financial future. Unless the couple is very wealthy, it is very difficult to go from supporting one household to supporting two households on the same income.

Often Professional Divorce Lawyers Jefferson County MO have to work with forensic accountants to uncover the true wealth of the couple. One partner may have already hired an accountant to hide assets for several years, before they request a divorce. That way when the court is dividing up the assets, they have a sizable portion hidden in off-shore accounts. It’s hard for upset or angry people to think straight. Lawyers have to help their clients develop a logical strategy for coping with the financial impacts divorce. This can be hard for a non-custodial parent who has to set up a new home and pay child support and alimony.

It can get very nasty when one spouse doesn’t want the divorce and the other spouse has already moved on. When children are involved, it is difficult for one parent to think of their children being watched over by a stepmother or stepfather. Often they have their lawyer hire a private investigator to learn about the person’s background. If they find that the person has a criminal record, they may use this to change the child custody arrangement.

The lawyer from The Lowry Law Firm notifies the court that the children may be in danger. The judge then has to take action to make sure that the children are safe. Spouses are often surprised at the amount of power the judge has when it comes to children, after they decide to divorce. Any change in their living arrangement can trigger a judicial review and lead to them losing custody of their children. This oversight lasts until the children are 18 or 21 depending upon the law of the state in which the couple was divorced.

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