Getting Braces in Green Lake, WI Can Uncover a Hidden Smile

A smile can light up the world. When you feel good about yourself a smile just naturally happens. Unfortunately, many people find reasons to avoid smiling. Crooked or misaligned teeth, gaps between them, broken or missing teeth and even discolored teeth can all cause a person to keep their smile hidden. That’s when cosmetic dentistry can help. Cosmetic dentistry can fix what Mother Nature didn’t get right. From veneers to bridgework, braces and crowns, there’s an option to correct any smile and make it perfect.

One way to correct crooked teeth, or to tighten up gaps in between them, is to get braces in Green Lake, WI. An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in treating irregularities of the jaw and teeth through the use of braces in many cases. Braces can straighten and correct various cosmetic issues over a period of time. They work by putting continuous pressure on the teeth, which helps the teeth to move to the proper location without injuring them. Most patients wear them for about 2 years, during which time the orthodontist will gradually tighten and adjust them to force the teeth to relocate into a better position in the mouth. This process is called an alignment. Once the alignment process is complete, the orthodontist will remove the braces and prescribe a retainer for the patient to wear, which will keep the teeth from migrating back to the old position. A retainer looks somewhat like a mouthguard and is custom made to fit the newly aligned teeth. The amount of time that the retainer needs to be worn can vary depending on the needs of the patient.

The dentists at Silver Creek Dentistry enjoy helping people find the smile that they’re looking for, not matter what it takes to accomplish that. Braces in Green Lake, WI is just one of the services that they offer to help create the smile that’s been hiding for some individuals. They also specialize in helping patients to get a firm grasp on regular preventative care, as well as treating any issues that may develop. They treat patients of all ages, from birth through the senior years. With years of experience, they are the perfect choice for comprehensive oral health services for the entire family.

A good dentist can help anyone to have a beautiful smile. Depending on the problem, many options are available to treat and correct various imperfections in the mouth.

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