Getting a Taste of Atlanta Night Clubs

Atlanta city is well famed for its vibrant night life. Life does not come to a standstill after sunset. When it comes to entertainment, Atlanta night clubs do not disappoint at all. The party never stops. There are many choices available not only to a first time visitor but also for residents who have lived in Georgia for years. If you are looking for a place to have some excitement at night, then Atlanta is just what you are looking for.

Night clubs provide party people with a place where they can dance the night away. You can also meet friends for a few drinks especially on weekends and public holidays. Most of the clubs in Atlanta do have resident deejays whose work is to spin the latest hits all night. Proprietors of these clubs have invested heavily on interior décor. This is meant to create the mood of a disco with neon lights, mirror balls and dimly lit bars.

The following types of clubs may interest you.

1. Themed bars. These are designed with specific tastes in mind. Inside the night clubs, you will find they are partitioned into cubicles. The lighting varies from one cubicle to another. It depends on your taste of color. You could choose sky blue for that relaxed ambience or red when you feel like going wild.

2. Type of music on the play list: While many Atlanta night clubs feature all genres of music, there are those that are known for specific types. Say, if you are a lover of rock you had better seek for a rock club. There are techno clubs for those who feel at home with this kind of music. If you belong to the Y generation, check into a hip hop club.

3. Cover charge: There are no rules regulation night clubs to ask for a cover charge. However, some use this as a way of restricting entry. As the night wears on, the cover charge keeps rising. It may go up at every top of the hour.

4. Dress code. While this is not a very strict requirement, night clubs request their patrons to come dressed in some styles. For example, during top football league matches, patrons may be requested to adorn team jerseys.

5. VIP treatment. This is offered by those clubs frequented by top celebrities. These are clubs for those who would like to be “seen.” The cover charge is usually higher than in other night clubs.

Atlanta night clubs do have restrictions on the age limit of their patrons. You must be of the legal which is 21 years and above. At this age you are allowed to take alcohol and get to party in most night clubs located in the city.

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