Get Plumbing Supplies in Kansas City for Less

Large plumbing companies have no problems getting supplies and fixtures from wholesale distributors. The sheer volume of sales makes it profitable for distributors to lower pricing as much as possible. It can be more difficult for independent plumbers to get wholesale accounts because they use limited materials, tools, fixtures, and supplies. One wholesale location offers accounts for large, small, and sole proprietor businesses so everyone can enjoy the benefit of getting plumbing supplies in Kansas City for less than retail pricing.

Apply Now

It is easy to apply for an account in person or via the website. Once an account is established, doing business becomes fast and efficient. Not only does the distributor carry a large selection of supplies and fixtures in stock, but the company also carries the latest styles in kitchen and bathroom appliances, furniture, enclosures, and vanities. Cabinets, countertops, flooring, and lighting are available as is decor.

No Misunderstandings

Plumbers and renovators can accompany customers into the showroom to clarify selections. If time is an issue, professionals can send customers in to pick out exactly what they want for the project. Knowledgeable staff can help by making recommendations, answering questions, and taking down the final selections for the contractor to pick up when it is time to begin that job. This process eliminates any misunderstandings regarding materials whether they consist of decorative hardware or items for a total renovation.

The Benefit of Experience

Professionals and homeowners alike benefit from the over one-hundred years that Kitchens and Baths by Briggs have been in business. While items for kitchens and bathrooms came later, the distributor began as a supplier of well pumps and plumbing supplies. Plumbing supplies in Kansas City at low pricing is accompanied by eight other locations.

More Renovation for the Money

Discover the pleasures of having the latest designer styles and most advanced tools and supplies available in one large showroom. Instead of spending too much for that shower enclosure, get it for less and add modern lighting as well. Splurging on a stone counter for the kitchen island no longer means settling for cheap laminate flooring. Have fun and select items to make that dream kitchen or bathroom a reality. Visit the website for more information.

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