Get a Bundle of our Glasses for Toys for Tots

Kids just love viewing holiday decorations with 3D glasses for Christmas lights. They also make wonderful stocking stuffers, and are wonderful gifts to give to organizations such as Toys for Tots. To this day they have distributed over close to 470 million toys to over 216 million children who otherwise wouldn’t have a Merry Christmas. They have been making Christmas happier for children around the world for over two decades, and they would love donations like a bundle of 3D glasses for Christmas lights.

The Joy of Giving

We should experience the joy of giving year round but especially during Christmas time. Deepak Chopra author of “War of the Worldviews” and founder of the Chopra Foundation (one that is internationally dedicated to conscious caring) wrote an article in the Huffington Post entitled “The Joy of Giving”. It reads “when giving results in an experience of love, joy, peace, community, charity, caring and self-worth, the process of expansion has begun.” Small gifts such as sets of 3D glasses for Christmas lights (ones that you can buy in inexpensive bundles) aren’t all that large or lucrative. But those who are less fortunate as well as people who aren’t struggling so much will appreciate your thinking of them.

The expansion that Mr. Chopra is talking about above is the fact that in order to do any kind of selfless act, you have to come out or expand from yourself. That’s what Christmas is all about, thinking of others. Mr. Chopra believes that human beings have giving and caring engrained in our original souls, but most people fight the urge to give because of the way society is.

Give Freely This Christmas

Many people feel like when they give, that folks will take their kindness for weakness. And, as a result, they blow off holidays like Christmas and just decide to give nothing. These are the same folks that feel like folks always will take their kindness for weakness, so they just become purposefully selfish.

So, all that being said, don’t fight the urge to give this year. When you ride past one of the Toys for Tots drop off centers or hear about one on the radio or television that’s close by, think about them when you do your Christmas shopping this year. Christmas only comes around once every 12 months, so take advantage of it. Well, the children who get joy every year from wonderful organizations like Toys for Tots won’t take any of your kindness for weakness like society has. They will be very thankful for your donation, even a gift that is as small as a set of 3d Glasses For Christmas Lights.

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