FMC Bag Machine Parts Available for Replacement

Companies that manufacture bags for medical, storage, packaging, and other purposes can choose to work with several machines. One of the most popular choices is an FMC bag machine. The purchase of this expensive, yet useful machine can be critical for some businesses, making it a crucial purchasing decision. After purchase, companies can take steps to lengthen the useful life of the machine. One step is to purchase replacement FMC bag machine parts instead of discontinuing use of the machine. While this is not an all-inclusive list of FMC bag machine parts, these are some of part most commonly replaced.

Seal Bars

The seal bar is a crucial part of the FMC machine. It is responsible for sealing bags that are manufactured. The seal bar is a heated bar on the FMC machine. It seals the bags by molding together the materials that are being used.

Heating Elements

The heating element is critical to the FMC bag machine process. Therefore, when it is damaged, it must be replaced using fmc bag machine parts. The function of the heating element is to warm the seal bar of the machine. Once the seal bar has been heated, it becomes capable of molding materials together. This is used to turn the plastic used for FMC processes into bags or product enclosures.

Static Eliminators

As their name suggests, static eliminators are responsible for reducing the amount of static cling on the final product. Plastic bags are very prone to static. When they have too much static they will cling to other bags and make packaging the final product more difficult.

Stacking Wheels

Stacking wheels work by neatly stacking the plastic bags as they come out of the FMC machine. As they turn, they encounter each manufactured bags. These bags are then stacked neatly so that they are easier to package.


The belt of the device is one of several critical FMC bag machine parts. It is responsible for moving the materials along a conveyor belt. As the materials are moved with the belt, they can run through different parts of the machine. This may include coming into contact with molds, heating elements, seal bars, static eliminators, and stacking wheels.

Sprockets and Gears

The sprockets and gears are the essential internal parts that make the FMC machine tick. If even one of these parts is malfunctioning, it can cause the entire machine to malfunction. Because it can be difficult to pinpoint which FMC bag machine parts need replacement, it is often beneficial to replace all of the sprockets and gears at once to keep the machine running smoothly.

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