Five Things to look for in the Perfect Home

House hunting can be a long and arduous process if you don’t know what you want. Having a check list will help compare the most important features to help narrow down your choices and zero in on the homes that will suit your needs. When viewing Homes for Sale in Apple Valley MN look for these five important features for the perfect home:

1. Location: This will often prove to be the defining factor in the purchase of a home. However many people discount areas they know little about which often keeps them from viewing perfectly attractive homes that might prove to be ideal. Speak to your real estate agent about what you want and your budget and be open to learning about areas you might not know. Your agent can provide you with information on schools, amenities and other important details to help you consider other areas that might have all you need and sometimes better prices on the homes for sale such as Apple Valley MN.

2. Size: Make a decision on the size of your home based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. This will narrow down your list substantially.

3. Must Haves: Make a check list of must haves such as en suite, large property, eat in kitchen, room for an office, formal dining room, garage, etc. Then double check the list with your real estate agent. They can offer advice on some of the details on which you might be willing to compromise in order to find a better price for the homes for sale in Apple Valley MN.

4. Curb Appeal: Consider the curb appeal as you approach each property and make sure it is a home you can feel good about. If curb appeal is not important to you consider resale value and when you think you might be selling your home. If it is your forever home then the curb appeal might not be as important. However if you are envisioning yourself only living in the home for under five years, consider the challenge you might face selling if the home is too unusual or just doesn’t look as good as the rest of the homes on the street.

5. Condition: The condition of major aspects of your home will be very important. Look at windows, HVAC systems, roofing, foundations and anything else an inspector might find risky in order to either a) lower the price or b) cross the house off your list.

Keeping these five things in mind will help you find your perfect home.


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