Five Common Types of Car Insurance Offered in Elgin, Illinois

When shopping for car insurance, you may come across a variety of terms and types of coverage. If you’re not sure what kind of car insurance suits your lifestyle, here is an overview of the five most common types that a car insurance agent in Elgin will likely offer:

  • Liability Insurance

Almost every state in the United States requires drivers to get liability insurance. It mainly consists of bodily injury and property damage liability. As the name suggests, bodily injury covers expenses related to an injury to another person in an accident. Similarly, property damage covers loss to another person’s property.

  • Under-insured and Uninsured Coverage

These types of car insurance policies will cover you if the driver who caused the accident is not insured. It can also help if the other person is not fully covered and unable to pay you.

  • Comprehensive Insurance

Besides covering medical expenses, comprehensive insurance will take care of theft, vandalism, hail, and fire. It’s an optional insurance cover, which may require you to pay a predefined sum from your pocket before the insurance cover takes over.

  • Collision Coverage

If you accidentally damage your car while driving, the collision coverage will cover the damage to your vehicle and may replace your vehicle.

  • Medical Payment Coverage

The medical payment covers the medical expenses of the car occupants. It may include in-patient services, hospital visits, surgery, X-rays, and other costs.

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