Finding the right piece of jewelry for yourself or a friend

The wearing of jewelry dates back to pretty much the dawn of man when bones and shells were a common adornment for a person to signify wealth or to satisfy a need for personal expression. Today, jewelry is worn for pretty much any reason you can think of; personal expression, a sign of wealth or social status, to attract mates, to gain energy or power, and much more. Pretty much every person you ask will have a different answer to why they wear that necklace or that ring. Let’s forget about other people for now and focus on why you want jewelry.

Styles suitable for men and women

Earrings are sometimes seen as something more for women only, but men have been wearing single and multiple earrings all throughout history. You might be drawn to the skull earrings, or perhaps the Maltese cross to represent your love of motorcycles and the freedom it brings. If you are purchasing for a friend or loved one perhaps the silver stars or the skull & crossbones with pink accents are more their speed. Regardless of what you decide, each symbol can represent something special to you so wear it proudly.

On the road or off, always wear your jewelry

You might be decked out in all types of jewelry while you are riding, but even if you stop and settle down for a time you can still express yourself through sterling silver and 14 karat gold. Whether you are more of a necklace person or you have a thing for rings, wearing what you love is a great way to show others how you express yourself and some of your previous and current passions in life. It can also act as a way to motivate you to return to that lifestyle.

Rings, wallet chains and bracelets too

If earrings are less your speed, you can always consider other pieces of jewelry or decorative items. Rings can come in endless designs and sizes to stand out and make an impression, or to be a little more subtle and signify something personal to you. Wallet chains not only help prevent your wallet from being lost or stolen, but they add a decorative side to your self-expression and just look pretty neat. Bracelets are extremely common for all types of people and can be as simple as a single chain, or as elaborate as you want them to be!

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