Finding the Right Junior Girls Clothing for Your Teen

If you have visited your daughter’s school in the last few months or have seen junior girls while out and about, you are probably wondering what happened to clothing. Most clothing is extremely short, bares everything and probably makes you cringe. Many people feel the same way. It can be difficult to find yourself some outfits that will work for your job and your life, but it can be even more difficult to find proper clothing for your junior daughter.

In an age where everything seems to be getting shorter or skinnier or less, you may find yourself having trouble. Your daughter probably wants  all the latest fashions of short, short, short and you probably want her to look presentable and covered. There are a few tips that can help.

Shop Specialty

Specialty stores are available for both girls and boys. These stores only have clothing for particular age groups, so you don’t risk your impressionable young daughter seeing items she shouldn’t wear and will want to buy.

Choose a store that has many great fashionable options from which she can choose. These stores are all over and even online, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Decide Ahead of Time

Before going shopping, sit down with your daughter and talk about options. If you or she has some magazines, try looking through them together to get an idea of what things your daughter likes. If she tends to choose really short bottoms and tops with too much cleavage or skimpy straps, then try to talk with her about these choices. Ask her why she wants these outfits and how come something less revealing doesn’t interest her. She may just be trying to fit in at her school or around her friends.

Then talk with her about why you don’t like these outfits. Both of you being honest may be all she needs to understand that you’re not trying to be mean.

Use School Rules

If your daughter doesn’t change her mind about revealing clothing, then you will have to step up and forbid them. To do this easily, use the same rules that are found at her school. All schools have a dress code, no matter how simple. Most schools won’t allow “spaghetti strap” tank tops and the shorts must be within the “finger rule.” This rule states that when your arms are hanging by your sides, the shorts must be past your fingers.

Finding the right junior girl’s clothing for your daughter can be difficult. However, you  can always find great options at Butterflies & Zebras.

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