Finding The Best Source For Lead Casting Supplies

With the relatively low melting point of lead compared to other metals and alloys, it is a perfect option to use for the casting process. The molten lead can easily be formed into any number of items from traditional lead bullets to ballasts, weights or other items in casting and molding applications.

Finding lead casting materials for an industry is not easy. For small orders, many metal distribution centers may have the lead in stock or be able to place a small order. For large orders on Just-In-Time (JIT) types of orders, finding a specialized supplier for all your lead casting supplies will be a priority.

The Shipping Issue

When shopping for volume or large orders of lead casting supplies, start by considering shipping. The reason that lead is used so frequently in everything from ballasts, and marine applications to nuclear waste storage and even for civil engineering needs is due to its weight.

When choosing a lead casting supplier with multiple distribution points across the United States, it is possible to save a significant amount on shipping, which will certainly add up over time.

Design and Engineering Support

In addition to lead casting supplies, some of the specialized lead suppliers also provide a broad range of engineering and design support. This can be instrumental for innovative companies or those working on new designs and prototypes as well as moving into production.

Having experts to provide insight into working with lead is critical in many applications. The experience and expertise can provide specific information that will be important in everything from choosing the right shapes to mold or cast to assisting in selecting the correct lead for the given application. Small differences in these two components can have very large consequences for the cost of production as well as production efficiency.

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