Finding The Perfect Frames In One Of The Eyeglass Stores in New York City

When there is a need to get corrective lenses, picking out the perfect frames for a pair of glasses is usually desired. If someone decides to visit one of the Eyeglass Stores in New York City, they will want to have an idea beforehand in what type of frames would look best for their particular face shape. Here are some tips someone looking for new glasses frames can use in an attempt in getting the perfect look.

Know The Shape Of The Face Before Looking At Selections

It is a good idea for the person to know their face shape before they head out to a glasses store to find frames. This can be attained by looking at a photograph of the face. A piece of tracing paper can be placed over the photograph, and the person can trace the perimeter of their face to see what shape it looks like most. If it resembles a few shapes, it means there are more selections in frames to consider.

Check Out Frames For The Particular Shape Of The Face

Someone who has a round or oval shaped face will want to look at frames that are rectangular in appearance. This will help make a face look less circular, balancing out the person’s look as a result. Alternately, someone with a square or rectangular shaped face will want to select a pair of frames that are oval or circular in appearance to help soften the appearance of the face. If someone has a heart shaped face, they will to purchase frames with embellishments at the temples to draw the eyes away from the chin.

Ask Someone For Assistance When Trying On Frames

It is a good idea to have someone who works in an eyeglass store available to help with the selection of frames. They will be able to offer advice on what colored frames look best with a particular skin tone, eye color, or hair style. Bringing along a friend for a second opinion is also desirable.

When someone wishes to find the perfect frames, going to one of the Eyeglass Stores in New York City that boasts a large selection is best. Visit to find out more about this establishment or to get contact information today.

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