Fiberglass Insulation In Lawton, OK Will Reduce Energy Costs

Saving money on energy costs allows an individual to use that money for other things. The best way to save on energy costs is by using Fiberglass Insulation in Lawton, OK to reduce the amount of energy that is needed for heating and cooling. A home that isn’t insulated will lose most of its heating and cooling through the walls. Besides the heat or cold coming through the walls, heating, and cooling systems will work hard to keep the home a comfortable temperature. Fiberglass insulation will keep the temperature of a home a comfortable temperature instead of having hot or cold spots in the home.

Unseen Benefits

Not only does insulation keep a home comfortable, but fiberglass insulation also works as a sound barrier from outside noises. Unwanted sounds will be buffered with insulation in the walls. Another benefit is fiberglass insulation will prohibit humidity from entering a home. This keeps the walls dryer and reduces the risk of mold.

Lifespan Of Fiberglass Insulation

The lifespan of fiberglass insulation is 100 years. The manufacturer usually guarantees it for the life of the building. Fiberglass insulation does not create a fire hazard to a home.

Other Types Of Insulation

There are other ways to insulate a home besides Fiberglass Insulation in Lawton, OK. Foam insulation and cellulose insulation are other options to keep a home comfortable and reduce energy costs. The areas these two types of insulation are used for might be different than where fiberglass will be used.

Foam insulation can be used in walls, the attic, ceilings, floors, basement, recording studios, and other areas. Foam can be sprayed or be made into boards of insulation. Cellulose is blown-in insulation and is ideal for the wall that is already closed and in unfinished attic floors. It can reach deep into walls and seal the cold and heat from entering a home.

If you’re ready to have your home be comfortable and lower energy costs, now is the time to contact Superior Thermal Solutions. They have years of experience insulating homes in the area and providing sound solutions to homeowner’s insulation needs.

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