Features to Expect from New Penthouses for Sale in West Chelsea

It is true that every penthouse is different, but most new penthouses that are for sale in West Chelsea will offer the finest options available to you. While you may have already decided on a penthouse, it can be important to note the different features available to help you make your decision.


You will have a private elevator, shared only with the condominiums and other residences in the building. Others will have a private elevator for the penthouse and one for the residences. Everything will look extremely beautiful and offer you the safety you require. Almost all new penthouses will have security in the form of door attendants in the lobby.

Penthouse Features

New penthouses that are for sale will usually have high vaulted ceilings of about 10 to 12 feet and will offer large dining rooms and other living areas. You can also expect to see beautiful floorings, such as white oak, and large windows with multiple panes so that you can have the exposure of natural light throughout your penthouse home. The hardware is likely to be specialized and made specifically for the home and will include multiple-zone cooling and heating.

The multi-zone cooling option is a great choice because it is energy efficient and can be controlled individually. This means that bedrooms can be kept at a different temperature than kitchens and living rooms. You may also have a washer/dryer hookup, have the washer/dryer in place when you move in or have laundry services as part of the new penthouse.

Many new penthouses for sale will also offer wood-burning fireplaces and multiple terraces that wrap around.


Most kitchens will include pantries, built-in filtration systems for water and dishwashers, along with wine refrigerators, built-in microwaves and gas ranges featuring six burners. You may also find a marble countertop and backsplash and beautiful cabinetry made from the finest woods.


Master bathrooms are likely to have Jacuzzi tubs, beautiful medicine cabinets, marble countertops, floors and walls. You may also find steam showers with built-in benches and so much more.

Many new penthouses will also offer second bathrooms and powder rooms for guests because most penthouse owners will likely throw parties and it is imperative to have enough restrooms available for your guests. These rooms will usually include the best vanities, sinks and fixtures and may include soaking tubs and other key features.


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