Fancy Walking Canes: Tips for Buying A Functional and Fancy Cane

Canes can be fancy as well as functional. You can find a wide variety of fancy walking canes online. It’s not always easy to find a wide selection of canes locally but by shopping online, you can find a wide selection of great canes.

Cane Sizes: Buy the Right Size

Fancy walking canes come in a variety of sizes.  You want the right size if the cane will be used for walking or hiking otherwise it could be a hindrance more than a help.  What sized cane should you buy? Most stores that sell walking sticks and canes have several sizes to choose from. Shorter individuals below 4 foot eight inches generally use forty one inch walking sticks, those who are taller than 4’8” but shorter than 5’4”, a forty eight inch stick is more suitable. There are also sizes for individuals who are average height as well as larger sizes for those who are extra tall.

You don’t want a cane that’s too short, otherwise you will find yourself hunching to use it. Conversely, if it’s too tall, it could put unnecessary strain on your muscles as well.

Cane Handles

There are standard cane handles and there are fancy options, for cane handles, too. Whether you make one choice based on function, based on look, or based on preference you might be surprised at the wide range of options available at Irish walking sticks. Popular options include: crook neck, derby handle, freeform, hame top, handle grip, pistol grip, t-handle, and turn knob.

Buying Canes Online

There are fancy walking canes online that are made in different materials like wood, bamboo, steel or other materials plus there are a variety of shapes.  You can find folding canes as well as novelty canes, too.  You can find standard options as well as lightweight options, too, which could be especially helpful for those who do not have a lot of strength in their arms.

Before buying a fancy walking cane online, look at pricing, quality, and reviews of online cane stores to help you determine whether or not you’ve found a good option with a good track record.

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