Facts About Cesspools And Cesspool Cleaning In Suffolk County

Cesspools have existed since the Italian Renaissance to perform a very specific function. Long before septic tanks and current sewer systems, cesspools was the best means of containing and filtering human waste and other products. Today, as in the past, they require maintenance of various types. Alone or as part of a septic system, cesspool cleaning in Suffolk County New York and a very few other states, it has become a viable industry.

What is a Cesspool?

A cesspool is often referred to as a leaching pool. It is a simple pit dug into the ground that is reinforced with brick or concrete. The material forms a type of tank or container resembling a well. Wastewater flows into the cesspool through a system of pipes. The wastewater then percolates (drains) into the surrounding soil through the perforated walls. Essentially, they are holding tanks for biodegradable substances.

These have been two basic types of cesspools. These are:

  • Overflow Pits – They contain the excess from the septic tanks and are part of the septic system

  • Stand Alones – This is the older system. It is not part of a filtering system or septic system. They require more maintenance including increases instances of cesspool pumping to remove or handle the solids

Cesspools in Suffolk County

Long Island has approximately half-a-million homes with cesspools. Of this total, Suffolk County boasts around 350,000. A substantial of them fall into the older construction category. They are made of brick or block and are around 30 years old.

Since 1972, however, in Suffolk County, the Health Department has required all individuals building cesspools on their property to make them of specific materials. Bricks and blocks are not longer allowed. Each cesspool must be constructed of concrete that is precast and reinforced with steel. They may or may not work in conjunction with a septic system. The county also regulates certain aspects including inspection and maintenance.

Cesspool Cleaning

When it comes to maintenance work, cesspool cleaning or pumping is an integral part of ensuring it is working to its peak. It also helps t prevent the escape of any toxic materials into the environment. Cesspools are more demanding of attention than septic tanks are. The older system, the more necessary it is to put into place specific maintenance practices such as cesspool pumping on a more frequent basis. In fact, older models may need pumping every few months. This is particularly true in certain counties of New York where there currently exist a large percentage of cesspools of around 30 years of age. For example, cesspool pumping in Suffolk County is performed more regularly than it is in other counties. It is the best way of keeping the system functioning until it needs to be replaced.

If you find yourself in need of Cesspool Cleaning in Suffolk County, do not hesitate to call on the reliable professional technicians at Mangano Sewer & Drain.

If you find yourself in need of Cesspool Cleaning in Suffolk County, do not hesitate to call on the reliable professional technicians at Mangano Sewer & Drain.Save

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