Eyelash tinting for men

Everyone knows the effect it can have on your appearance when you darken your eyelashes with mascara. It makes your eyes look bigger and emphasises their outline. This changes the shape of your face and also draws attention to your eyes. This isn’t just a matter of vanity – your eyes are an important part of the way you communicate, and people will treat you differently and react to you better when they’re more focused on your eyes as they talk to you.

If you have naturally blonde eyelashes, your eyes may look pale and may not stand out well. Darkening your eyelashes is a quick, easy solution.

But it’s not just women who can benefit from this. Men also can improve their looks by darkening their eyelashes. But most men don’t like to wear mascara, so tinting can be a preferable option for male grooming. Tinting is also good for women who live an active lifestyle. Swimming, sports and housework can cause mascara to smudge and run, and of course it needs to be reapplied every day, or even several times a day. Tinting takes all the hassle away – one short monthly session with a professional beautician will keep your eyes looking great all the time.

Not only that, but tinted eyelashes look more natural. You don’t get that clumpy look that comes with old, low quality, or poorly applied mascara. This is a real bonus for men, as it doesn’t look as if you’re wearing make-up.

If your eyelashes are already dark, then tinting isn’t necessarily the right answer. You won’t see much difference, and tinting won’t add volume or fullness to your lashes in the same way as mascara. You may be better off sticking with your existing facial make-up routine.

How does it work?

Getting your lashes tinted takes about a quarter of an hour. Protective stickers are used to prevent the dyes getting into your eyes. The vegetable based dye is applied to both your upper and lower lashes using a wand or brush. The dye stays in place for about five minutes to soak in, then the residue is washed off.

Your eyelash tinting will last for about a month. After that it will start to fade, and you’ll need to get it redone.

Are there risks?

If the dyes aren’t correctly applied, they can cause pain. And never, ever use hair dye. This can cause serious eye damage.

Home kits exist, but it’s best to have eyelash tinting done by a professional in order to prevent dye spills which can irritate your skin. If you’re planning to offer this service to your clients, you should investigate male grooming courses in Birmingham area to ensure that you know how to apply an eyelash tint safely.


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