Examples of Popular Tour Bus Trips in Lebanon, PA

Tour buses now travel to various destinations that provide tourists with a wonderful getaway for one day or several days at a time. They also have the ability to accommodate groups for various tours. Tour bus or charter bus travel has slowly become one of the most popular methods of traveling for fun. Individuals and families will often choose a tour bus trip over the conventional vacation where they drive themselves. It’s really a good way to travel and the tour companies can accommodate your entire family throughout the length of your vacation. Here are some examples of some of the most popular trips by tour Bus in Lebanon, PA.

The nine day tour that covers Miami Beach and Key West is one of the family favorites of all the tours offered. This nine day trip will begin in Pennsylvania and travel to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The second day will be spent traveling to Charleston for a historic carriage tour. Afterwards, the bus will travel on to Jacksonville, Florida.

From there, the tour departs to the Florida Keys. The tour includes a two night stay in Key West along with dinner at one of the fabulous restaurants in the area. You will have plenty of free time to shop and enjoy the sights in the area.

After the two nights in that area, you will then head on to Miami, Florida. There, you will enjoy a guided tour and also have a couple of days to explore the area. When leaving Miami, there will be a stop in St. Augustine where a tram tour will be the main activity of the day. Once that’s complete, you will head out to Florence, SC and Savannah where you can enjoy more sight seeing.

The other popular tours include the Branson Missouri getaway, the Myrtle Beach winter getaway, and National Parks and Canyons for a full 17 days of fun filled tours that is sure to excite the entire family. Each tour has a specific itinerary that your tour guide has developed for the trip. You won’t want to miss a thing. When you return to Bus in Lebanon, PA, you will have made lasting memories. More information about the bus tours can be obtained from Conestoga Tours.

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