Examples Of Procedures A Cosmetic Dentist In North Center Will Perform

Elective tooth procedures are very popular to create an appealing smile. However, some procedures have more than just an aesthetic appeal. A cosmetic dentist in North Center can perform these procedures, among others and will be happy to talk to you about options.

Amalgam Fillings

Most people have never even heard of the term amalgam and have no idea what it means. Amalgam fillings are the traditional filling material used by dentists to fill a decayed tooth so that it can continue to be used. However, these options have been found to have mercury in them, break off, and look bad. White fillings are an elective procedure that you can have done on teeth. You can have amalgam fillings removed, and white fillings placed and can continue to have white fillings for all future fillings.

Pros of white fillings are that it looks natural and can potentially reduce the chance of unnoticed decay within that tooth and others. Amalgam options can expand over time, which can cause the tooth to crack and other problems. However, one drawback of changing amalgam for white fillings is that dentists have to remove more of the tooth to remove the filling so a new one can be placed.


Whitening is a strictly cosmetic procedure that will not do anything to help the health of your teeth. However, it is extremely popular with those that can afford the system because it will whiten the smile up to eight shades lighter, depending on the dentist, your stains, and your teeth.

Having the treatment at the dental office will also allow you to have a whiter smile than traditional commercial options can provide. However, people with sensitive teeth may find that there is pain throughout the procedure. The procedure will not whiten your existing dental work, such as fillings, crowns, and bridges, so make sure you understand this before having the procedure.

Crowns and Veneers

Crowns and veneers can be used for health purposes, but more and more people in North Center have chosen to use these options to make their teeth look better, even when they aren’t necessarily needed. Veneers are bonded to the teeth, which require some removal of the tooth’s enamel, though crowns require even more of the tooth’s surface to be removed. Both of these options can be better than leaving diseased or decayed teeth in the mouth, but shouldn’t be used for appearance’s sake only.


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