Drain Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Plumbing

Homeowners have many things that they need to maintain in order to keep all systems in their home in good working order. One aspect of a plumbing system that should have regular attention is the drain system. Clogs are an inevitable part of any plumbing system, as any plumbing service in Portland will tell you.

Many people may think that cleaning a drain is a simple task but it may not always be so. You will want to try a few things on your own at home but do not wait too long to call a professional drain cleaning in Portland to remedy your situation properly if it does not correct itself quickly. The first thing to try on your own is the basic plunger. This can clear many a drain or toilet with just a few tries. If that does to clear the blockage, try pouring a brine solution down a sink. This both eliminates odors and prevents grease buildup that can occur from residue on dishes. It is also a good way to prevent clogged drains from even happening.

Other methods for clearing drains involve the use of a drain cleaner. Each one is unique so be sure to read the instructions and follow them correctly, especially to ensure that you use the one that is made for your pipe material (plastic, etc.). One important thing to note is that repeated use of these cleaners over time can damage your plumbing so be wary to only use them sparingly. When you need an alternative, try vinegar and baking soda. This is an inexpensive and safe way to try and unclog a drain. Use equal parts of each, starting by putting the baking soda in the drain and then the vinegar and rinse with hot water.

The plumbing snake, which can be found at home improvement stores or utilized by a plumbing service in Portland is another great way to clear drain clogs. It is more involved but typically quite effective. If you get to this stage, it can be recommended to call a professional plumber as they will know how to use these snakes more efficiently.

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