Don’t Be Left In The Cold With Water Heaters In Baltimore MD

Cold showers are ok for the summer to cool off, but waking up in the morning to a cold shower tends to start your day off on the wrong foot. Do you know how to tell if your water heater is going bad? Water Heaters in Baltimore MD should be replaced by a professional plumber. There are various signs your hot water heater will give you when its life expectancy is overdue.

Some signs that your water heater is going bad are when you can only take one shower and have to wait at least an hour for someone to get a second shower to have hot water. Another sign is when your hot water tank is actually leaking. This may be a small pin hole on the side or could be leaking from the bottom. If you are constantly running out of hot water, it’s best to choose an energy efficient Water Heaters in Baltimore MD.

Gas hot water tanks have a life expectancy of approximately 8-10 years. An electric hot water tank usually lasts a little longer. The water that is sent to the hot water tank is usually what destroys your tank. Well water normally has a great deal of sediment. This sediment tends to settle at the bottom of your tank and makes your tank work harder to heat. It is recommended that you drain your hot water tank at least once every six months to remove the sediment in the bottom of the tank. Treated water tends to give you a build up on the pipes leading to and from the hot water tank, which will destroy your tank also.

Gas water heating services in Baltimore can turn into bombs in your home if not removed and reinstalled properly by a professional. Gas leaks can occur very easy and improper venting can leave you with gas fumes and exhaust in your home. These can make you sick and even kill you. Don’t try to replace a hot water heater by yourself. Hire a professional to remove and install it for you. They can educate you on the most energy efficient model for you home and usage and can install it safely.

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