Don’t Inflate the Cost of Your Mold Damage by Ignoring It

When you are cleaning your tub or shower and scrubbing those hard-to-reach tiles, you might find some mold creeping up from the drain, on the walls, and in all kinds of other places. You probably clean it, thinking that the problem is over. Unfortunately, that could actually be just a tiny part of a very large problem. The mold that you see might be indicative of damage that is underneath the floors, behind the walls, or all the way through the pipes near the visible damage. Ignoring mold is what causes more serious damage that affects important structural parts of your home and causes expensive replacements and repairs. Learn how to recognize this damage and rectify it quickly so that you don’t have to deal with these kinds of costly and stressful repairs.

Go Beyond Cleaning
The surface where the mold occurs may not be the only place that it exists. If you want to see for yourself, inspect the area surrounding it. Take things apart as long as you are aware of the precautions in doing so lest you cause further damage to your home. Also, you should know that even dead mold releases dangerous spores that cause irritation to the lungs and possibly disease. You will need the proper mask to ensure that this doesn’t affect you.

In order to really get rid of your mold problem, you’ll have to do more than clean the mold. It must be completely removed, and that might mean replacing wallpaper, sections of the wall itself, plumbing fixtures, tiles, flooring, and other affected structures. Remember that the bathroom is not the only place that mold can grow. Anywhere that has the conditions conducive to mold growth can incur mold damage. These areas include but are not limited to improperly maintained or faulty air ducts and circulation systems, basements, leaky pipes, damp areas underneath the house, and any other area that is exposed to moisture and cannot dry completely.

Other Factors Contributing to Inflated Costs
When you ignore mold problems that eventually lead to more severe issues, you might find yourself forced to replace sections or fixtures in your house that make it impossible for you to live there while the repairs are going on. You’ll have to arrange for alternate living space which costs money. There is also the possibility of a longer commute to work and the hardship of being without the comforts of your home.

The most detrimental cost, of course, is to your health. Ignoring mold damage could lead to spores left all over your home that can be not only dangerous but fatal. Diseases caused by mold spores that are left untreated or undetected affect you and anyone that lives in your home, including children. Keep everyone healthy and your home safe by identifying this damage and then having it repaired as soon as you do!

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