Dog Grooming in Lombard For Their Benefit and Yours

Pets are precious creatures to their owners and deserve to receive treatment that is beneficial to their well being. Grooming is a way to improve an animal’s mental and physical health. Long hair breeds tend to need more care than short hairs, but grooming doesn’t just stop at a haircut. It can also include nail trimming, teeth cleaning and ears among other things. For many people, their dog is their best friend. The pet owner’s goal is to give them a life of comfort and happiness in exchange for their companionship. Dog Grooming in Lombard can be a great experience for both the pet and the owner at Belle Aire Kennels. Their inviting atmosphere is sure to put both parties at ease.

Long haired animals have fur that tangles up easily. When the fur mats against the skin, sores form on the skin that are painful to the animal. A dog could be in so much pain that petting is no longer invited. If this continues, the pet may lose interest in physical contact with humans and withdraw for fear of being hurt. Scheduled grooming is a great way to prevent this situation from ever occurring. When a groomer has been chosen, it is best to stick with that groomer from then on for the safety and comfort of the animal. The pet and the owner will build familiarity with the grooming facility, and there will be less anxiety at regular visits.

For Dog Grooming in Lombard, there is no better place than Belle Aire Kennels. They do all the basic grooming services and more at their luxurious location catering to domestic animals. Belle Aire is not located in the business district, but in a residential area where the owners live on-site at the facility. It’s peaceful and quiet enough for the animals to feel at home without being startles by the harsh noises of the city. Pets are able to come home from their session relaxed and will not fear the next visit to the groomer.

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