Does Paying Out For Billing Outsourcing Bring Extra Cash In?

There are a couple of old adages that say we need to speculate in order to accumulate and that you get nothing for nothing. Any business person should keep these in mind when considering the introduction of Billing Outsourcing into their organization.


The prime aim of any business is to exchange something with others (customers) in exchange for their money (sales) in the hope that the money coming in will exceed the amount going out on the running of the business (profits). The company has been set up and has something to sell so, hopefully, the customers are coming in and placing orders. Unless the business is exceedingly small, for every order that comes in “paperwork” will have to be generated. An order acknowledgement will be issued to confirm all the details (including the prices); a delivery order confirming the actual supply and, then, an invoice (or, bill for the goods or services supplied). Assuming that the business does not operate on a strictly cash before delivery basis, the next step is extremely crucial – i.e. ensuring that the customer does provide full payment for the billing. Keeping track of your business’s accounts receivable and ensuring full collections is vital for the very existence of your company.

Front And Back Office Organization

In business management terminology, an organization’s administration can be divided into two parts; the front office; which is in direct contact with the customers and is primarily concerned with gaining the orders. And the back office where the internal functions are carried out (accounting –including invoicing/billing, human resources, etc). Together, these functions can require considerable staffing which adds to the company’s overheads to such an extent that many companies consider outsourcing some of these functions. This is often done not so much as to reduce the number of employees but to increase efficiency and free up more time for staff to concentrate on the core business of the company.

Cash Flow

Your company needs working capital to survive and this comes from having a positive cash flow. When you pay out for Billing Outsourcing services, the rate of cash flow can be dramatically increased due to better control over your accounts receivable. This enables you to put more money into improving your core activities – things like purchasing new production equipment or increasing your marketing budget. The additional income that these improvements can provide will more than return your initial investment in Billing Outsourcing.

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