Dock Bumpers and Other Useful Dock Accessories

Docks are much more than boards nailed together to make a walkway over the water. They are used for swimming, boating, and entertaining. You need different dock accessories, such as dock bumpers and cleats. What are some dock accessories you might want for your dock?

Dock Bumpers

Dock bumpers are a must for boaters. The bumpers sit snugly on the sides of the dock and on the poles that go into the water. They are usually made of rubber so that the boat harmless bounces off the dock instead of smashing into it and possibly causing damage. Some dock bumpers are designed to repel algae growth and water damage.

Dock Ladders

Dock ladders make swimming easier and safer. Most aluminum dock ladders have round hooks at the top that fit right over the top of the dock and into the crevices between the boards. You can move it at anytime. Some dock ladders are bolted to the dock so that it will never move. Ladders are used to get in and out of the water. It’s difficult to climb up to a dock if you don’t have the strength, so a ladder makes it easier for anyone, even kids, to get out of the water.

Dock Cleats

When you dock your boat, you have to tie it up so it won’t float away, right? That’s what cleats are for. They bolt to the dock so you can easily tie a cleat knot to keep your boat in place. Most are made of damage resistant galvanized metal so you know it will last.

Dock Boxes

Dock Boxes are one of those useful extras that aren’t a requirement. Dock boxes are designed to attach to the dock so that it won’t fall off. They also have locks so that any good you have stored will be safe. You can use the dock boxes to hold any equipment that you don’t want to haul back and forth from the water with you.

Solar Powered Lights

Solar lights don’t need batteries. They absorb the sun during the day and glow bright at night. Solar lights are a great safety accessory so that you can see the dock from a distance and see where you’re walking so you don’t fall off.

All of these dock accessories will make you feel safe on the water and make life easier.Save

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