Discovering Rights And Obligations Through A Child Support Attorney In Dallas

Texas strictly enforces court-ordered child support. Any party that is required to pay the custodial spouse to support his or her child and fails to do so is penalized based on state statutes related to deadbeat parents. This could include fines and jail time depending on how far behind the individual is on these payments. Custodial parents who are not receiving these payments based on the percentage and schedule set forth by the Dallas County court may hire a Child Support Attorney Dallas to file a motion to fight against the unlawful parent. Contact Lee Law Firm Dallas today.

Child Support Requirements in Dallas

According to the state Family Code, Title 5, the parent who is assigned child-support payments is required to continue to distribute them until the child reaches his or her eighteenth birthday or has completed high school. If the child is still attending high school beyond the age of eighteen, the parent is obligated to submit these payments. However, the non-custodial parent remains responsible to pay for any child, that is deemed disabled by the state until the child dies. The only deviation of these rulings is if the child willfully emancipates him or herself from the parents through legal action or marriage.

Extension of Child-Support Payments

The state may extend these payments under specific conditions following the child’s eighteenth birthday. If he or she is enrolled into a junior college or any state-approved college-level education program and complies with attendance requirements, the court will continue court-ordered support. The custodial parent must file a petition through a Child Support Attorney Dallas.

Termination of Rights and Child Support

Any parent who has been striped of their rights to a child could still be deemed obligated to pay child support through a court order. The state has the power to assign support requirements for the child until he or she reaches legal age, dies, or is adopted. The court assigns a conservator for the child if he or she is deemed a ward of the state, and all payments are submitted to this individual to cover the cost of care for the child. However, any biological parent who regains his or her rights to the child may file a motion to begin support. The Lee Law Firm Dallas can assist with these requirements.

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