A Disability Claim Lawyer Can Help You Win Your Benefits

People who are either suffering from a physical or mental disability and are in the process of claiming Social Security disability benefits are far more likely to see success if they are represented by a disability claim lawyer in Tampa. There are a number of reasons for this, knowing a few of them may be all it takes to prompt you into hiring a seasoned claim lawyer to help you with the process.

Provide all the right evidence:

Perhaps the most important aspect of a disability claim is to ensure that you provide all the correct medical evidence. As it happens in so many cases, a layperson does not know what the Social Security Administration are looking for and as a result the claimant gives to much of what is not needed and not enough of what evidence is required.

This does not happen when you have hired a disability claim lawyer in Tampa, they know exactly what evidence is needed to support your claim and they know how to develop it. Once you have engaged a lawyer, he or she will review your medical history in an effort to find if any additional tests or records are needed. The lawyer, in full cooperation with the disabled client then submits it in a timely fashion to the administration. With his or her knowledge of what the administration is looking for in the way of substantiation the lawyer will see to it that no redundant or irrelevant information is submitted.


It is often vital to get a statement of support for the disabled client’s primary physician, disability claim lawyers know this. The problem is that doctors are often reluctant to help their patients, not because they don’t want to help it is simply because they are too overwhelmed with their daily practice to fill out the forms that are required. Both doctors and lawyers are busy professionals; there is a tendency for professionals to respond to other professionals out of courtesy and as the lawyer can quickly address any concerns the doctor might have, the doctor is often willing to cooperate.

The hearing process:

Seasoned disability claim lawyers in Tampa have been through the claims process many times over, as a result they have developed the skills and knowledge that are necessary to win at appeal; they also know how to handle the appeal so that few if any difficulties crop up.

The disability attorneys are familiar with the Administrative Law Judge that holds the hearings in the jurisdiction where the claimant lives. This actually is quite important as each judge likes the hearings to be conducted in a certain manner and the attorney is well aware of any biases the judge may have towards certain medical conditions.

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