The different types of social security benefits

In the US, social security covers those of retirement age and those who suffer a disability. The greatest proportion social security in Bedford PA goes towards retirement benefits with the remainder going to disabled people, the survivors of workers who have dies and to certain dependents of the beneficiary.

As a worker pursues his or her career, the Social Security Administration maintains a record of the individual’s earnings. When the individual opts to retire, the social security benefit that is applicable is based on two things; the amount of money earned and the age at which they opt to retire. These retirement benefits are determined against what is called PIA, primary insurance amount. This is the average of the highest 35 years of the claimant’s income. A certain percentage of the PIA is calculated and then indexed for inflation; the result is the monthly benefit that the retiree will receive. The earliest anyone can retire and claim a benefit is 62 years of age.

If an individual is incapable of working due to either a mental or physical disability that is long lasting or deemed to be terminal may be eligible for a social security benefit referred to as Social Security Disability. It can take many months to process applications for this benefit of social security in Bedford PA. It has proven to be a complex area and most applicants are denied benefit. When this happens the disabled individual has the right of appeal and is advised to do this with an attorney. People who have limited resources or little or no income can apply for Supplemental Security Income, another one of the benefits available from social security. SSI is considered as a form of disability benefit.

Upon the death of a worker, the family may be eligible for social security benefits’ depending upon his work, this benefit is known as a survivor benefit. The term family can include the spouse, dependent children as well as the deceased workers parents as long as they relied on him for at least 50% of their support. The spouse of a divorced person may receive benefits upon the death of the covered individual, although there is a stipulation that the couple had to have been married for at least 10 years.

Social security in Bedford PA can be painless if the application is for retirement benefits but a virtual minefield if you are applying for disability benefits. J. Kirk Kling, Attorney at Law will provide you effective representation for your legal needs.

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