Different Types of Auto Insurance Harrisburg PA

There is no question that the many different options in Auto Insurance Harrisburg PA can become a bit overwhelming when you are trying to determine what you need. Additionally, you have to meet the requirements of your state and try to find an affordable rate. With all these factors to consider, understanding the different types of auto insurance coverage is a must for any motorist and something that Strock Insurance Agency can help you with.

Liability Insurance

This type of insurance covers you when you are involved in an accident that is your fault. Liability insurance will provide coverage for the actual cost of repairs to any property that was damaged by an accident in addition to any medical bills resulting from injuries. Most states have an established minimum requirement for liability insurance. However, if you are able to afford it, it is smart to have coverage that exceeds the minimum requirements.

Collision Coverage

If you are involved in an accident, the collision coverage that you have will cover the repairs that must be made. It your vehicle is totaled during an accident, this coverage pays for the actual value of your vehicle.

Comprehensive Coverage

If your vehicle incurs damage that is not related to an actual accident, such as weather damage, collision with an animal or in instances when your car is stolen, comprehensive coverage is necessary to cover these situations. This type of insurance is smart if it fits in your budget, but keep in mind it can be costly so only carry this if you can afford it.

Personal Injury Protection

This type of insurance is a must have for any motorist. The costs associated with any type of accident can add up quickly and this type of insurance can cover these accidents. When you have this type of coverage all of your medical bills, along with your passengers, will be covered whether or not the accident was your fault.

Underinsured or Uninsured Motorist

It is mandated by state law that all motorists have to carry some insurance; however, this is not always the case. Adding this coverage to your policy can ensure your expenses are covered in instances where you are involved in an accident with a person who is under insured or uninsured. For more information contact your local provider of Auto Insurance Harrisburg PA.

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