Details About A Best Bail Bondsman In Shelton, CT

In Connecticut, criminal defendants face uncertainty and fear after they are arrested. Some individuals face several years in prison as well as serious life-altering circumstances. A local best bail bondsman in Shelton CT assists criminal defendants who cannot afford the full value of their bail.

The Basics of Bail Bonds

To begin the process, the defendant or their representative must provide specific details to the bail bondsman. The info starts with the defendant’s name, booking number, and the name of the facility where they are being held. The criminal court clerk can provide the booking number after the defendant completes in-processing.

Who Determines the Value of the Bail?

The judge reviews the case and determines the bail value and establishes the defendant’s eligibility for bail. Typically, the prosecutor submits a request regarding bail if the defendant has been charged with a dangerous crime. At the end of the arraignment, the defendant is aware of their exact bail value. If they can pay the full amount, the defendant is released after the payment is processed. However, if they can’t, the defendant may purchase a bail bond.

Do Defendants Get Refunds?

No, even if the defendant completes the terms of their release, the bail bondsman won’t give them a refund for any portion of the cost. However, if the defendant doesn’t complete the requirements of their release, he or she could face a new arrest and lose access to a new bail bond.

Can Bail Bondmen Provide Discounts?

According to the laws, the bail bondsman must remain compliant with the current statute for the bonds. They cannot overcharge defendants, but at the same time, they cannot reduce the standard fee for the bond. Bondsmen that don’t follow the laws could have their license stripped from them.

In Connecticut, criminal defendants need a bail bondsman if they cannot afford to pay their bail. The bond enables them to become released from the county jail by paying a percentage of their bail instead. The bonds are purchased via cash payment or by using collateral. Criminal defendants who need more info about Best Bail Bondsman in Shelton CT and their services are encouraged to contact right now.

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