Custom Traffic Signs from the Ground Up

Creating custom traffic signs does not have to be a dubious task. When you hire professional sign companies, they can take the angst out of the process and help you create custom signs that coincide with local regulations while looking stunning. You can make sure new signs match the older signs that are still in good condition, or you can have all new signs created to bring your community up to date. The beauty of having custom signs created is that you can have a whole new design concept created that will grab attention in a positive manner. They are also great for personal use when you need a unique focal point for a den, game room or even a bedroom.

Order Custom Signs Made by Professional Sign Companies

More goes into a custom sign than what most people realize. This includes the type of metal used, the colors, the weight, dimensions, trim, pole, and even finials. There is more to ordering signs than just placing an order too. You need professional assistance so you get traffic signs made that are durable, sturdy, and look magnificent. The streetscape of your city depends on it.

Protective Poles Created to Breakaway

To ensure the safety of a community, it is always best to inquire about breakaway poles. This type of pole simply breaks instead of bending. A pole that bends tends to cause more damage to a vehicle than it would if it broke on impact. This is just part of the pole picking process. There are different styles of poles too that can make a sign look more attractive. It all depends on the exact look you desire. They come in different gauges, sizes, and diameters. You have the options to choose from a fluted pole, channel pole, and square pole.

Custom Signs Communicate Serious Messages

Traffic signs are a very important part of driving. It is essential that they are placed in areas that require direction for driving purposes. When you have traffic signs made to custom fit your community it gives the overall air of continuity. It shows that your community cares how they portray themselves, and how well they keep their residents safe with updated traffic signs. Traffic signs can include stop signs, speed limit signs, yield signs, street name signs, parking signs, and much more. It is vital that the signs are easy to read and are the proper sizes so they can be seen from many different locations.

Brandon Industries creates custom traffic signs for cities, states and neighborhoods that need to convey important traffic messages. Let them guide you in creating traffic signs that are perfect for your community.

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