How A Criminal Defense Attorney Focuses On The Objective In Red Bluff, CA

Your choice of Criminal Defense Attorney in Red Bluff, CA offers assistance with cases such as DWI, DUI, drug charges, and other criminal infractions. Criminal defense attorneys are necessary to provide adequate counsel and fight against the allegations proposed by the prosecution. The primary objective of a criminal defense attorney is to present reasonable doubt and discredit the prosecution’s evidence.

Focusing On the Objective

A criminal defense attorney focuses primarily on building a strong defense case. This case consists of solid evidence that proves the contrary to the prosecution’s claim against the accused. Criminal defense attorneys work diligent to secure this evidence through researching the case and the evidence presented. He or she answers the hard questions and fights against the opposition to secure an acquittal.

Reasonable Doubt

Reasonable doubt is a common tactic used in criminal proceedings. It is probable to secure an acquittal by convincing the jury that there is a reasonable doubt that the accused could have committed the listed infractions. Among the most common reasons are mental or physical conditions that would have presented the accused from performing the crimes in which he or she is accused.

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Local Defense Lawyer

Mark H. Cibula, Attorney at Law is a Criminal Defense Attorney in Red Bluff, CA and provides a wealth of law services. Among his areas of practice are personal injury, real estate law, social security disability, and litigation. He handles personal injury cases associated with dog bites, product’s liabilities, auto accidents, and premises liabilities. If you are the victim of a personal injury for which you are not to blame contact this law firm to schedule a consultation.

A Criminal Defense Attorney in Red Bluff, CA plays a significant role in the outcome of a criminal case. These attorneys fight not only for the freedom of their clients but also their reputation and credibility. Criminal proceedings are a hot media item and may produce a stigma that affects the accused for several years to come. For this reason, it is urgent that the criminal defense attorney proves their innocence in a court of law and to onlookers tracking the trial.

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