Credit Unions for Better Banking in Hattiesburg MS

If you are sick of the fees and the poor customer service experiences with big banks, you may be looking for a better option to manage your money. Consider the benefits of joining a federal credit union. Many people aren’t aware of what credit unions are or how they differ from banks. If you are looking for a truly different experience for Banking in Hattiesburg MS, a credit union may be the right choice for you. You will have a truly exceptional banking and customer service experience. Visit website for more information.

Credit unions are not for profit, unlike big banks. Banks are interested in pleasing stake holders, while in a credit union, you are the stake holder, not just a customer. This means that your fees are lower and you will have better offers for your money management. Some people may have reservations about joining a credit union because of the lack of availability of branches and ATMs. Many credit unions belong to larger networks for access to more ATMs and branch offices, meaning you have access to your money that is comparable to bigger banks. Using a credit union for your Banking in Hattiesburg MS ends up being just as convenient as a big bank.

Credit unions offer credit cards with lower APR rates and the same rewards as big banks. You will also find that there are no fees for many ATMs, or lower fees at out-of-network ATMs. When making major purchases or life changes, you will have access to lower rates on home equity loans, mortgages, auto loans, and personal loans. In turn, you will also have higher interest rates on savings accounts, checking, money market, and CDs. Because you are the stakeholder, the profits can be passed directly on to you rather than a group if investors.

If you are interested in a federal credit union, or FCU, for your Banking in Hattiesburg MS, check out some of the local offices and see what they offer. Start by looking online for banks like Central Sunbelt FCU. Read customer reviews and compare account options, then stop in at a local branch to see how they can work for you. Credit unions are gaining in popularity for great reason; people are tired of paying big banks to store their money. See how you can benefit from switching to a credit union today.

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