Connecticut Solar companies, The CEFIA And Clean Energy

Since 2000, Connecticut has worked hard to develop a policy friendly towards solar and other forms of alternative energy. While the number of Connecticut solar companies may not be as numerous in other states, the state does have a strong reputation in this field. In fact, it has a history of providing ongoing funding to those who wish to support the clean and renewable energy initiative.

The Beginning
The state of Connecticut started to adopt a strong, positive stance towards alternative energy sources and implementation in the 1990s. They did not, however, activate a solid funding program until 2000. In that year, the Legislature founded the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF). During its existence from 2000 to 2011, it granted a sum larger than $ 150 million to a variety of projects and programs related to renewable energy including solar technology and solar companies as well as programs designed to increase awareness and knowledge of renewable energy.
CCEF began to offer solar rebates to CT individuals and companies. In particular, home owners were sought. They would receive a rebate for purchasing and installing a carbon free, electricity producing photovoltaic system. This program still exists today but the name of the fund has changed.

The successor to CCEF is the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA). THE change occurred in 2011 when the Connecticut legislature decided to make a change. They included it as part of mandate of Public Act 11-80. This is An Act Concerning the Establishment of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and Planning for Connecticut’s Energy Future. It utilizes what funds it has to encourage and aid the development of an investment in clean energy. The targets are:

*   Homeowners
*  Companies
*  Municipalities
*  Hospitals
*  And other institutions

One goal is to increase awareness of alternative energy, including solar. Yet of particular importance is the intention by CEFIA of encouraging Connecticut solar companies – manufacturers and researchers, to develop and implement methods of reducing the overall cost of alternative energy. This will make it more affordable for everyone. In turn, this will decrease the dependency on such things as rebates, tax incentives, and other types of subsidies.
The CCEF and Connecticut solar companies work with other alternative energy groups and businesses to ensure people will get the best possible system installed. To this end, before you qualify, you must talk to CCEF first about finding the right installer. This will involve a site survey. Make sure, you talk to CCEF first. Let CCEF make the process easier and less expensive now. Once installed, your solar system will help reduce the costs of your future energy bills. In Connecticut Solar Companies are there to help you discover the benefits of solar energy. At Roof Diagnostics Solar, we guide you through the process of finding and installing the right form of solar energy for your residence or business.

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